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Begin with
what you use now

do not eliminate your spreadsheets, just make them smarter. Save the time you spend to get your data across, and instead capitalize on existing Excel solutions. By using Power BI's visualization tools, you can refrain from manually evaluating your data to gain useful insights.


Create connection
with Keep Data Fresh

easily connect and update data sources inside and outside your organization. With Power BI automation, you no longer need to manually refresh your spreadsheets. You can set them to be updated weekly, monthly, or as often as required. Do not wait until the end of a period to find out if there is a problem.


Drill down
to get real insights

easily create dashboards and data visualizations and click through to access more accurate data. This allows you to quickly find the cause of problems and identify opportunities. One of the unique Power BI services is its intelligent search function. It's almost conversation. Enter a question and get an answer. For example, ask, ``New store sales this year?`` To get useful pointers to your strategic planning. Power BI provides true native Windows desktop, mobile iOS and Android apps that provide interactive visualizations and alerts.